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Studio 95 Photographix offers memberships to other photographers to rent time blocks to fulfill their studio needs. This is a state of the art production facility and offers the following benefits to our members.

- Free, safe parking outside the studio, easy access and large doors for fast simple loading
- 4 minutes off I-95 at exit 40; 9 minutes off the Merritt Parkway at exit 57
- Close to inexpensive hi-end hotels, restaurants, as well the Milford, CT train station
- 5 minutes from the CT Post Shopping Mall and a large variety of stores on the Boston Post Rd.
- It's 1 mile from the beach and other great photographic locations
- Gas heat for winter warmth; AC for the summer CT heat and mugginess
- Studio 1A: 35'L x 24'W x 12'H of open shooting space, 2 - 6'W x 8'T garage doors;
- Studio 2B: 40'L x 24'W x 12'H of open shooting space, 1 -6' wide x 8'T full height roller door for motorcycle and props entry
- Off-street loading and unloading
- 2 position make-up and hair room, separate from the studio space
- A wall full of clothing, shoes and props for models to use
- Wireless hi-speed internet, micro-wave and refrigerator
- One High Key 22' long wall x 12' high
- One 16' long x 8' high faux brick wall
- One 15' long x 12' high black wall
- A choice of Photogenic  or Alien Bee's 3 Strobe light set up with modifiers and sync cord
- Seamless papers on wall mounted holders

  1. Studio 95 Photo Club Membership
    Club Membership* - There are three membership categories: a) Photographer; b) Model; c) Business. For full details, see Terms of Membership below.
    We process applications for Studio 95 Photo Club membership through this website. (Until the website is set-up credit cards will be processed in person at the Studio.) At the time of your application, you will be asked to provide a credit card. You will also be asked to select monthly billing, semi-annual or annual billing. Your card will be charged for that amount upon processing and your membership will become active immediately. You may cancel your membership within twenty-four hours by sending an e-mail to membership@studio95photo.com or calling (203) 795-8651. If your request is received within twenty-four hours, a full refund will be returned to your credit card. If you have utilized any member services before requesting a refund, an amount equal to the non-member price for those services will be deducted from your refund.
  2. Studio Rental - We will use a reservation system for photo studio rentals. It is similar to those used by hotels. There are no advance charges for studio rental. All services are paid for at the time of the rental. We take a credit card as security to ensure that you will keep your reservation. You may cancel your studio reservation up to seventy-two hours in advance without penalty or charge. If you fail to cancel your reservation or cancel your reservation under seventy-two hours in advance, your card will be charged 50% of the rental charge for the time you reserved. If you cancel less than twenty-four hours from your scheduled rental time, your card will be charged, however you will be given a voucher for the amount which may be applied to a future rental. No voucher will be provided if you do not call or cancel.

Terms of Membership
We'd love to have you as a member of the Studio 95 Photo Club.  Here are the full terms of the membership offer:

  1. Photographers:
  2. Dues are $100 per month, $500 for six months, or $1,200 annual membership fee per year
  3. There is an annual fee of $150, except with an annual membership ($1,200 paid in full).
  4. Automatic monthly payments are available, charged to a credit card.
  5. Checks accepted as first payment of $250 then $200 every two months.
  6. Membership requires a minimum six month commitment.
  7. $200 cancellation fee or balance, whichever is less for early termination.
  8. Contract may be terminated if you lose employment or are transferred out of area.
  9. Free studio time is for non-commercial use, fine art, portfolio development or for stock photography.
  10. Photographer Membership includes three (3) hours of free studio use in every calendar month.
  11. Photographer Membership includes the availability of at least 3 lights (flash heads) or 2 tungsten hot lights.
  12. Models:
    Dues are $40 per month, $200 for six months, or $480 annual membership fee per year
  13. There is an annual fee of $80, except with an annual membership ($480 paid in full).
  14. Automatic monthly payments are available, charged to a credit card.
  15. Checks accepted as first payment of $120 then $80 every two months.
  16. Membership requires a minimum six month commitment.
  17. $80 cancellation fee or balance, whichever is less for early termination.
  18. Contract may be terminated if you lose employment or are transferred out of area.
  19. Free studio time is for non-commercial use, fine art, portfolio development or for stock photography.
  20. Model Membership includes one (1) hour of free studio use in every calendar month.
  21. Models may bring a non-member photographer to use for their time at the General Public Rate. No lights are included, but may be rented. Props are at no charge.
  22. Additional Model time is $30 per hour, but must be reserved at the time of booking.
  23. Models are encouraged to book Member Photographers; however, G. Gregory Geiger will provide coverage for any models that need to receive their hourly photo-shoot.
  24. Business:
    Dues are $60 per month; $300 for six months or $600 annual membership fee per year.
  25. There is an annual fee of $200.
  26. Automatic monthly payments are available, charged to a credit card; or paid by invoice BUT must be paid by the first of the billing month.
  27. Checks accepted as first payment of $320 then $120 every two months.
  28. Membership requires a minimum six month commitment, you must cancel in writing by the fifth month, otherwise your business membership will automatically renew.
  29. $120 cancellation fee or balance, whichever is less for early termination.
  30. Contract may be terminated if your business closes.
  31. Business membership includes  one and a half (1.5) hour of free studio use in each calendar month for photos and/or video;
  32. Business services include use of camera, lighting and backgrounds in the inventory of the Studio.
  33. Business membership free studio use is for Monday to Saturday only. Sunday use will be at the published Club rates.
  34. Studio 1A use is non-exclusive, meaning others may use it at same time.
  35. Exclusive rentals and commercial rentals are at a 33% percent discount of General Public Rate.
  36. Free studio time may be scheduled from 9am until 9pm daily, subject to availability*, except for Business Membership.
  37. Advance reservations must be made for studio use to ensure staffing.
  38. Membership includes access to all Club related activities and meetings.
  39. Members get a discount to all events held through Group Photo Shoots.
  40. Studio Use includes use of all lighting gear and studio equipment.
  41. A guest photographer may join Photographer members up to once per month for $50 a shoot.
  42. Members may bring a make-up artist, hair stylist and up to two models for studio use.
  43. Members are responsible for damage and breakage while using studio.
  44. Termination of membership requires thirty (30) day's notice.
  45. Members are responsible for following all reasonable rules and regulations.
  46. The use of marijuana or illegal drugs is not permitted in the studio.
  47. Alcohol laws of CT must be followed and NOT supplied by the photographer.

General Public Rate

Studio 1A

$70 / hour

Studio 2B


$50 / hour

Entire Studio
(Studio 1A + Studio1B)


$140 / hour

Photo Studio Club Members

Photographers: 3 Hours / Month



Additional Hours

1/3 off published rate

1A = $45 p/h

2B =
$35 p/h

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$25 per hour premium applies to the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving - Closed
  • Christmas Day - Closed


Included in Membership:



  • Use of all lights and grip equipment
  • Use of all paper, curtain, painted and muslin backgrounds
  • Wireless Internet
  • Printer
  • Use of all props, sets and wardrobe
  • Assistance with lighting and equipment
  • Free parking at studio


  1. No Smoking in the studio
  2. No illegal drugs
  3. No photographer provided alcohol
  4. All models, photographers, and crew must sign-in to use the studio.
  5. All models posing nude must present ID and be over eighteen years of age.
  6. Models under age 18 must have a parent or guardian present with the model at all times.
  7. No loud music, however we do have an MP3 connection for your iPod
  8. Same Day Reservations accepted, space permitting but no walk-ins.
  9. Cancellations must be made seventy-two hours in advance or the renter will be charged
  10. Renter is responsible for damage or loss of equipment when renting.
  11. When using studio wardrobe items, place all worn undergarments into hamper, not back on the shelf.
  12. Please clean up after yourself and hang up all wardrobe you have worn.
  13. Please do not enter the studio area prior to the start of your rental time without prior permission. Others may be using the studio and we want to respect their privacy.
  14. Please call if you are going to arrive early.
  15. Billing time starts at the time booked if you start late, not time of arrival.
  16. Billing time ends when you have removed the last of your packed equipment from the studio.
  17. Invoice is for hours booked or hours used, whichever is longer.
  18. If you cause the next person renting to be late for their start time, the penalty is $20 per 10 minutes.  
  19. Studio 1B may only be rented for groups of 6 people or less, including crew. If you have a larger group you must rent Studio 1A.

Special Rules for Photo Studio Club Members

  • The studios are available to club members at any time, 9am to 9pm.
  • Photographer Club members may use the studio for up to three hours per calendar month;
  • Model Club members receive 1 hour per calendar month;
  • Business Club members receive 1.5 hours per calendar month;
    > between the hours of 9am and 9pm daily;
  • All Club use is subject to availability.
  • Club use of Studio 1A is on a non-exclusive basis.
  • If a club member requests exclusive use of Studio 1A or the entire studio (Studio 1A plus Studio 2B), the use will be chargeable at club rates.
  • Free club hours may only be used for non-commercial purposes, Business Membership is limited to photo & video of their products or services.
  • Club members shall not have more than 6 people in their group when shooting in Studio 2B at any time.
  • If club members have a group, larger than eight (8) people, when using Studio 1A, studio time will be chargeable.
  • When a club member incurs chargeable time in the studio, it shall be charged at a 33% discount of General Public Rates. That includes charges for hours in excess of three (3) per month, late night or early morning rentals, large groups or the use of the studio for commercial purposes.
  • The 33% discount will apply to all time charges and surcharges. It will not apply to other charges such as paper usage.


What are the Rules and Conduct for the studio?

Will there a max limit of photographers that you will offer this service to?
If it got to 10 members, that would be the limit.

What if I need to do a shoot that is more than 3hrs?
Each member is allowed to purchase time slots over and above your monthly membership.

What if I just want to do one 6hr shoot a month, can I do this for the monthly membership fee?
The answer is Yes.  It will count as 2 time slots.

Can I bring my own stuff (lights, equipment, props)  and leave it in the Studio?
That is totally up to you , we will not be responsible for anything left at the studio.

Full list of Studio Policies - MS Word - Adobe PDF

Booking information

Photography questions, Gregory

General questions about the facility

Phone numbers:

G. Gregory - 203.494.3353

Studio - 203.283.7574

Production Office (not the studio) 203.795.8651