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G. Gregory Geiger "G3" - On Facebook

G3 began 35mm photography in 1969. He learned 16mm, studio TV camera while in the Army, then began 20 years as a TV news videographer. In 1976 he was hired at WFSB-TV-3 as a news photographer, in addition to being the dedicated photographer for the station helicopter, Gregory was also the one that trained in-coming news photographers. He has the ability to teach the details you need to know to get good photos. He has taught programs across the USA for the Professional Photographers of America; was an instructor for the Golden Gate School of Photography in 2001 and did photography programs for Charles R. Lewis of Creativity International. For two years G3 was the monthly coordinator for CT Association of Photoshop Professionals.

See G3's photo gallery.

Caralee Kamens-Geiger (www.gregeiger.com)

Caralee Kamens-Geiger is a nationally published events and wedding photographer. Her photos have been used by Beverly Clark in her wedding series books and in "I Love You Because...." with her romantic couples photos. Cara started assisting with wedding photography in 1994, she was the second photographer at weddings from Napa California to Boston, Mass. Her experience ranges from using Hassleblad film cameras to current digital cameras. Cara has always been an avid pet owner and currently enjoys doing pet photography at Studio 95 Photographix.

See Cara's photo gallery.

Make-up Artists:
Kimberleigh Yvette

Kimberleigh Yvette is a certified makeup artist from SoNo Academy of Norwalk, CT. Currently working for the Adam Broderick Salon in Ridgefield, CT.; she has over five years professional experience doing makeup demonstrations around the country at trade shows for beauty companies, previously modeling during New York fashion week and working on set in NYC. Kimberleigh is well versed in the industry. She is a SAG/AFTRA member and can take care of any makeup request- from classic looks to sultry boudoir. Bookings with Kimberleigh should be made as far in advance as possible.
Her website: www.kimberleighyvette.com