G. Gregory Geiger





Experience, Education and the ability to create, those are what you will experience when you book your photography session with me.

My experience spans over 45 years. From age 16 when I started photography, and was coached by a NYC commercial photographer; through 3 years in the US Army where I learned TV studio techniques, 16mm film production and how to fly a helicopter. While in the Army I worked at a TV station learning TV news photography, that lead to a 19 year career in shooting TV news and traveling around the world covering news events. During those TV years I was part of a team that earned a regional Emmy, a duPont-Columbia Journalism award and a few CT Broadcasters Assoc. awards.  In 1989 I left TV news and went full time as a wedding photographer, you have far more job satisfaction when people love it when you show up with a camera. Through creative wedding photography I was able to get my work published in Southern Bride Magazine and Modern Bride Magazine. My published photography resulted in wedding work from Boston to San Diego, 10+ weddings in San Francisco and Napa, and a good variety of wedding assignments across America. My wedding and event photography has been published in 4 coffee-table books. Moving from weddings to studio work was my next transition in the ever changing photography industry. With my vast and deep lighting knowledge I found it easy to “paint-with-light” in a studio. Connecticut weather changes almost by the minute, so when a photo session absolutely must happen, you shoot in a studio. From years of experience doing wedding photography I know how to put people at ease, get them to relax and feel comfortable in front of a camera. I also know how to pose a person so their photo looks exciting and dynamic, not just have someone standing in front of the camera and not connect to it. Refinements in a pose make you look great, that is what an experienced photographer brings to the photo-shoot.


     Education is one of my core beliefs. From the time in 1971 and bought my first 35mm camera;  now to 2018 when I teach photography as well as read about the current trends and Adobe Photoshop techniques, education is my core value. Working with models to correct posing errors, explaining lighting patterns to new photographers and discussing retouching techniques are areas that I’m good at teaching. The goal is to have you smarter after we work together.

     Creating an awesome image doesn’t happen with a lucky push of the shutter button with the camera set to Auto. It knowing what your lighting on the set will show, it’s working with a talented make-up artist, an experienced hair stylist, the selection of outfits and matching accessories, a model that has a good range of poses and expressions, and lastly, I as the photographer with a commanding knowledge of the camera setting, lens selection, lighting to sculpt the model that as a Team create the OMG photo! Creative visions are done be pre-visualizing the shoot; doing story-boards, finding creative team members and let them produce their work that excels. I like to show the Team what we are getting in the camera as we shoot, a good suggestion only makes the photos stronger. The confident model shows in the photos.