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Modeling Information, Tips and Suggestions

Serious models don't shoot in home-studios! See "the Rules"

New Model Tips

Tips on Booking Photoshoots

Model Mistakes / "What Not to Do"

The Model's Bag, what to carry.

Good v Bad Photos, or "What your mom never told you..."


Model Tips, Tricks and Techniques

You Get What You Pay For:
When you are a rookie model, if you shoot with a rookie photographer, you get rookie-looking pictures! I was looking at some new MM photos, while I'm sure the model was happy, as an experienced photographer I saw:
1. photo of model on her back, head tilted back, looking at picture-taker, she has wrinkles in her forehead. This is bad for a few reasons, she didn't feel her forehead; the picture-taker didn't say anything to her about relaxing her forehead; the wrinkles weren't touched out in post-production and the photos were posted.
2. model standing square to the camera, she didn't look exciting!
3. skin patches on her legs, it takes 2 seconds to fix in Photoshop, however if you have a bruise if scar, learn to pose to hide the problem.
4. Other things: muffin top; wrinkles on the neck; ALL the photos out-of-focus (I will give you 1 for that "arty" look, but that's it!); hands open where they look like claws; teeth over whitened in Photoshop where they look like Chicklettes, same for the eyes that are way too white; elbows that blend in with your body (or are hidden to the camera); and hair-ties on your wrists!
5. EVERYONE shoots on railroad tracks! So not original!

As a new model, take a few lessons from an experienced model photographer. You get better photos, your mistakes are corrected and you don't get boring, cookie-cutter pictures.

You Don't Know, What you Don't Know:
Starting out doing model is not just jumping in front of a camera and letting the photographer click away. Health-care professionals spend years learning, a law degree can take 6 years of education, just because you might have a great body doesn't mean you can be a great model. Successful models know a wide variety of expressions, how to pose to show a product, the clothing, to provoke emotion and look good in the lighting of the shoot. As you become experienced you learn a wide variety of Tips, Tricks & Techniques. One to give you: always print out the address of the shoot location, get two contact cell numbers, look up the address to confirm the address is correct (it's so easy to reverse a street number). Why the print out? Remember the last time your smart phone went dead? Or that you lost it, dropped it and the screen died? A print out will save you!
A G3 saying, "your body might get you into the studio, but it's your brain that will keep you there".

Check References!
Recently a model that I had worked with at the 2011 Miss Summer Nationals Bikini Competition was scammed. As she was telling me her story, all the warning signs were present:
> out-of-town photographer
> new membership on ModelMayhem, very little written information in the Profile
> photo-shoot was at a hotel room
> photographer shows some good photos, but most were average
> no credit of the models listed in the Gallery to check references
> lists 4 to 6 weeks before you see photos as they are "edited to magazine quality"

Checking references is the key to preventing getting scammed!
There is a difference in doing a photo shoot to get good pictures and doing a shoot where you get a teaching, coaching and lesson on how to pose, what not to do with your hands, arms, legs and where you get really good photos.

I provide training and coaching while doing the photography. Doing a photo shoot just to get photos won't help you with becoming a better model if you are making bad poses and have poor expressions.

When you shoot with me, usually you will have the photos from your model shoot on-line within 2 to 3 hours after we finish the shoot. No edits, but you really need to see your photos while the shoot is fresh in your mind. You learn faster by seeing the photos right after the shoot. With the Adobe programs available, the time it takes to post can be done in under 1 hour for 400 photos.

My Tip: check at least 3 references of models that the photographer has shot with in the last 90 days.


Photography Tips, Tricks and Techniques

1. Model Photography: get closer!
In reviewing the work of one model I couldn't help to notice that her photos were full of space around her. She is marketing her face, body, a look. In the full length photo she should be head-to-toe for a portfolio photo. Which is different from a photo that a commercial client needs or you would use to show your photography work. Close cropping sells the model.
Tip: Close has impact!

2. Rudolph Nose!
Photo Rule: the eye is always drawn to the brightest part of the photo. If the tip of the nose has a bright spot on it, we call that "Rudolph Nose". It makes the nose look longer. The highlights (bright areas) appear closer and the shadows (dark area) appear father away. An experienced model will know to turn her head to make the bright spot go away, a detail oriented photographer will see the bright spot in the camera. You definitely want this reduced or removed in post-production (Photoshop editing).  

3. Lighting:
Photographers, please add light! Use a reflector, get your flash OFF the camera! Adding light creates exciting photos. I just looked at a portfolio where the model shoot was done on a gray, flat light day. And that is the quality of photos produced. A simple white card would have helped give some "pop" to the photo. A flash off-axis to the camera would have made the photo dynamic!

Jenna Rules

Information on hair photography - Click here