Photography Packages & Policies*


*Fees have an additional 6.35% CT Sales Tax. Payment is by cash, check or CC.




Headshots are needed for modeling, acting, media jobs, and even business marketing and graduation* photos. We can create a headshot that is appropriate for your specific needs.


Headshot Package - $250

A 60 minute shoot with up to 3 looks

You will receive 3 final images (delivered as electronic images) prints are additional at $20 ea. for 8"x10".


*If this session is scheduled as a portrait session for a graduate, the final images can be adjusted to suit your needs. Please make sure you know what the photo restrictions that your school has.




All models need a starting point and sometimes a revamp of their portfolio. Let us help you get the ball rolling or find the changes you are looking for!


*These packages are NOT just for models. They are also bridal portraits, engagement portraits, family/baby photos, teams and professional groups.*


Document your pregnancy. Have your family holiday photos taken and edited professionally. Surprise your significant other or loved ones with the portrait they've been asking for, for years!


Tell us what you'd like to see .. and we will make it happen!


*Prices may vary based on your needs.


Basic Package - $295

One 2-hour photoshoot with a make-up artist

Up to 3 different looks with 1 additional headshot

You will receive 3 final electronic images and 1 8x10 print of the image of your choice PLUS 1 additional final version of your headshot (both electronic and 8x10 print)


Elite Package - $495

One 4-hour photoshoot with a make-up artist (2 looks)

Up to 5 different looks with 2 additional headshots

You will receive 6 final electronic images and 2 8x10 prints of the images of your choice PLUS 2 additional final versions of your headshots (both electronic and 8x10 print)


Car/ Motorcycle Photography


Do you have a classic car or custom bike that you would like to have photographed professionally? Whether you are looking for a photo for your wall, a calendar, a magazine feature, contest submission, bragging rights or even a classified ad - we can help you out!


Car and motorcycles can be easily driven into the studio through the garage door. If you can trailer it in .. we can shoot your bike all year long!


Bike/Car Package - $295

One session that will last a maximum of 90 minutes. You will receive 2 final images in the following formats: 2 electronic files, 2 8x10 prints


Food Photography


You have taken the time to create a delicious work of art, now you need to photograph it. This package can help restaurants, caterers, chefs and advertising companies start a portfolio of your hard work. Let us help you get your food photos taken in the best lighting and environment possible so people can truly appreciate your hard work.


Food Photo Package - $200

One session that will last a maximum of 90 minutes. You will receive one final image of each food product in the following formats: 1 electronic file, 1 8x10.


Family Portraits


Family Photo Package - $250

One session that will last a maximum of 2 hours that will feature your family members. You will receive 2 final images in the following formats: 2 electronic files, 2 8x10 prints and 4 5x7 prints.


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Pet Portraits*


Pets are part of the family. You can have a memorable, professional and fun photo session with your fur-baby and receive photos that you can proudly hang on the wall and share with your loved ones.


Pet Package I - $150

One session that will last a maximum of 1 hour that will feature your pet(s) only. You will receive 1 final image in the following formats: 1 electronic file, 1 8x10 print and 2 5x7 prints.


Pet Package II - $225

One session that will last a maximum of 2 hours that will feature family members with your pet(s). You will receive 2 final images in the following formats: 2 electronic files, 2 8x10 print and 4 5x7 prints.


*Owner is solely responsible any damage to property and for the behavior of the pet with all family members and staff of Studio 95 Photographix. No aggressive or illegal animals are allowed.


Please remember the joy that we find from our animal friends is from their unique personalities, quirkiness and unconditional love. They will not always do what you want them to do when you want them to do it. These sessions are supposed to be fun and are meant to capture your pet being that natural-self. Physical and/or verbal abuse will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


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Note: All package prices are final and include the listed final images only. If substitutions are requested, additional fees may apply.


Photo-shoot Booking Policies:


At least 1/3 of your photography fee will need to be paid BEFORE your photo session is put on the Studio Calendar. The balance, include CT ST sales tax, will be paid at the end of the photography session and BEFORE the photo link to see your photos will be released.

In the event that you cancel the scheduled photo-shoot, for any reason, the deposit will be forfeited by you. In order to reschedule you will need to pay the 1/3rd fee again.


Payment Policies:

Payment is expected at the time the services are rendered. Alternate payment plans may be discussed for previous clients. When post-production editing is requested, the projected edit fees need to be paid in full before the start of any editing. The same policy applies for ordering prints.


Cancellation by the Photographer:

G. Gregory Geiger reserves the right to cancel, without penalty, any previously schedule photography session. The limit of liability is limited to a full refund of the deposit fees paid.


Photography Time:

Each photo-shoot comes with a predetermined time period. Please know the time-limits for your paid level of photography coverage; in the event that you run long you may be billed at the rate of $75 per 30 minutes.


Photo Review:

You will receive an e-mail and text message (if you provide your contact information) with the link to see all the photos that were taken. Expect to see the link about 1-2 hours after the competition of your photography session.

The link will remain active for about 30 days. It is your responsibility to review your photos within that 30-day period. You may “right-click” and save the photos that you may want prints from. In the event that your link becomes dead, there is a $100 fee to reset the link so you may look at the photos. This link will remain active for another 30-days.








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