Studio 95 South

At almost 40’ x 40’ with 12 tall ceilings 95 South is available for cars, large products and group photo and video shoots. Designed to give the photographer/videographer complete control of their lighting, you have a choice of all white walls, all black walls or the use of green screen. The entry door is 8’ wide and 10’ tall, so you have good access of the Big-Boy Toys and productions that you want to shoot. This studio also has a two-station make-up room; changing room and separate bathroom with a shower. You can bring your own lights or rent lighting from us.



Rental fees:


Studio use is $100 per hour* (lights and props are additional)


To open the garage door (and cover the cost of heat) $50


* there is a 2 hour minimum for this studio rental.


Hours are M-F 9am to 6pm, after 6pm is an additional $25 per hour rental fee


Sat – Sun 9am to 5pm, after 5pm is an additional $40 per hour rental fee


















Studio 1A - $80 per hour studio, Make-up & Hair Room; Changing Room




    $280 for 4 hours




    Please review our policies for deposit and cancellation information.




    $580 for 8 hours




Please review our policies.



$50 per hour, Make-up & Hair Room; Changing Room



    $175 for 4 hours (includes up to 2 seamless changes)


     $350 for 8 hours (includes up to 2 seamless changes)


    Full Studio - $150 per hour studio, Make-up & Hair Room; Changing Room


    $550 for 4 hours

    $1,000 for 8 hours













The Basic Rate - $40* per hour

This is for Studio 2B use only. Your working area is the studio, models (only) use the changing room. The photo area is the studio walls; i.e. white, brick and black.



 *Papers and curtains are additional*


The Basic fee doesn't cover use of the front room, large make-up & dressing room or office space.


    The Basic + 2 Rate - $50* per hour


    All of the Basic Rate with the addition of 2 - studio strobes, stands, 1 umbrella and 1-7" bowl reflector and wireless transmitter.

Studio 3C – this is a smaller studio that has 400 sq. feet of shooting space. Three natural light windows, a 3-roller background system and 2 painted walls that are best for high-key lighting. There is access to the make-up room and the changing room. This area is subject to availability, and not available if the Studio 95 South area is booked.




Rental fees:




Studio use is $40 per hour* (lights are additional)




* there is a 2 hour minimum for this studio space




No rentals past 5pm on any night.


What are the Rules and Conduct at Studio95?



    No Drugs or smoking will be allowed in studio at anytime. Alcohol is not to be provided by the photographer, NO under-age drinking will be permitted


    All models must have a valid ID showing date of birth.


    Respect the gear & studio. Don’t mistreat it or drag couch’s  or props around, pick them up to move them otherwise it scratches the floor.


    If you break it, you buy it! (see lease agreement)


    No splitting rent between photographers.


    You must supply your own computer.


    Straighten up when done. Vacuum  and empty the garbage if need be.


    Respect the other tenant’s schedules. Don't run over your time block.


    Nobody is allowed in the studio after the hours of 10pm unless prior arrangements have been made


    Make sure you lock the door and shut off all lights,  the heat/ ac when you leave.



    Most of all………..HAVE FUN!



Can I bring my own stuff (lights, equipment, props)  and leave it in the Studio?


That is totally up to you , we will not be responsible for anything left at the studio.


Lighting Rental


    Photogenic & Alien Bees Mono lights are $25 for the 1st hour, $15 for each additional hour (lights come with umbrellas)


    Soft boxes are $5 per light per hour


    Hot lights are $10 per hour per light (this is for a bare light)


    Lighting assistance is $25 per set-up (G. Gregory Geiger will light each series)


Booking information


G. Gregory - 203.494.3353


Studio - 203.283.7574


Marketing Director Office - 203.795.8651


Marketing Director Cell - 857.880.9169






$25 per hour premium applies to the following holidays:





    New Year's Day




    Memorial Day




    Independence Day




    Labor Day




    Thanksgiving - Closed




    Christmas Day - Closed



    No Smoking in the studio


    No illegal drugs


    No photographer provided alcohol


    All models, photographers, and crew must sign-in to use the studio.


    All models posing nude must present ID and be over eighteen years of age.


    Models under age 18 must have a parent or guardian present with the model at all times.


    No loud music, however we do have an MP3 connection for your iPod


    Same Day Reservations accepted, space permitting but no walk-ins.


    Cancellations must be made seventy-two hours in advance or the renter will be charged


    Renter is responsible for damage or loss of equipment when renting.


     When using studio wardrobe items, place all worn undergarments into hamper, not back on the shelf.


    Please clean up after yourself and hang up all wardrobe you have worn. $20/clean up fee.


    Please do not enter the studio area prior to the start of your rental time without prior permission. Others may be using the studio and we want to respect their privacy.


    Please call if you are going to arrive early.


    Billing time starts at the time booked if you start late, not time of arrival.


   Billing time ends when you have removed the last of your packed equipment from the studio.


    Invoice is for hours booked or hours used, whichever is longer.


    If you cause the next person renting to be late for their start time, the penalty is $20 per 10 minutes.









BOOK NOW (203)-494-3353