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What Are People Saying About Us:

In my short time as a model at Studio 95 I have come away not only with amazing, kick-ass photographs but a stronger appreciation for the modeling industry. I have also gained a better understanding of the effects of lighting, make-up and body posture. Greg truly does have the best interest of his models and demonstrates that a photographer can be far more than the person taking the pictures but a mentor as well!! I feel very fortunate to be a part of Studio 95!!
~ Patty Lewis, fitness model

Gregory is an amazing photographer with exceptional experience. He has taught me so much and truly cares about his clients. I learn something new every time I go see him and all his staff are friendly and courteous. I highly recommend his studio whether your beginning modeling or you've been one for a while Gregory is your man!
~ Jessica Silva, model

Top notch Studio, with a talented Staff, for all of your needs, very experienced photographer & who brings out your best!
~ Debby J. Bruce

Greg is An amazing photographer and mentor !! He's taught me so much over the years and is a top notch professional. I definitely recommend working with him!
~ Erica Altieri, Make-up artist

... I can't thank you enough for making the whole day enjoyable! You guys are awesome and I look forward to filming at your site again in a couple months. "D" was also awesome to work with too! What a great way the whole day turned out.
~ Alex G./Videographer, NY

I had a fantastic time working with you [G3]. You are extremely professional and made me feel comfortable for the entire shoot. You truly cared for my opinions and worked with me to get the images I truly needed for my portfolio. Thank you again for everything. I am extremely happy with the images we have created. I would recommend your services to any one of my model friends. You have not seen the last of me! xoxox
~ Laura F./Model, MA

Cara, I can't thank you enough for capturing me and my puppies in such awesome photos. It was such a great experience and so much fun! With my dogs aging now, it's awesome to look at the photos on my wall, smile and know that we will always be one big happy family. Hugs and puppy kisses!!
~ Jaye/Model,CT

Our shoot at NES [now Studio 95 Photographix] exceeded all my expectations. From sets and props to lighting and equipment support right down to refreshments and directions, Greg was right there to ensure a productive, creative session ... its a top notch studio ...
~ Jim C./Photographer, CT

NES [now Studio 95 Photographix] offers the best value I have found for developing my photographic knowledge and portfolio. I highly recommend utilizing this resource to enable yourself to develop your knowledge base and strengthen your artistic skills by utilizing first class equipment and sets. Learning how to do it right from the start will save you time, money and frustration. Gregory Geiger was patient and full of artistic and technical knowledge that helped me to capture the images I wanted but lacked to expertise to achieve. Why spend thousands where you could be working in a first class environment and receive expert advice for a reasonable rental fee? I highly recommend utilizing Studio 95 Photographix and Gregory Geiger.
~ Jeff C./Photographer, CT

First and foremost I would like to say that Greg Geiger is by far one of the most professional photographers that I have ever come across! Not only is he a professional photographer but he is a master teacher! I am somewhat new to modeling and Greg was great in helping me with poses as well as facial expressions! Anyone who is new to modeling should definitely work with Greg. His studio is amazing and spacious with a lot of different scenes for a variety of pics. As Greg says photography is painting with lights and boy does he know how to paint, a true artist! I would recommend Greg to anybody looking to get great shots. I will definitely be working with him again!
~ Lisa Renee/Model, CT

Professional seems to be the most accurate word when asked about Gregory Geiger as a photographer, teacher, and friend. Not only, will he “tell it to you as it is”, but he will also bring forth very constructive criticism when needed. As a photographer Greg is the perfect man to go to for commercial print elegant styles seen in Vogue or Vanity Fair. His direction on flawless posing is always on point and his many years of experience truly shines during his instruction. As a mentor, every model should learn as much as he/she can under his wing. At the end of the day, his promise to check up on you and ask what you have learned remains a reminder for the model that his/her time was not wasted when collaborating with Greg. Lastly, as a friend he will personally provide transportation for the model and will minimize the amount of heavy labor required so the model can be as comfortable as possible for the shoot. Aside, from his mentoring skills, Greg provides a state of the art studio complete with an abundance of equipment needed to take an amazing photograph. His “in house” make up and prop room always seems to remain a handy backup if any theme needs a change in model style or object. In addition, his bar, kitchen, and elevator can all be transformed into wonderful photo shoot scenes. All in all, I am more than satisfied with all the times I’ve worked with Greg and look forward to many more collaborations.
~ Jing/Model, CT

I just started out my adventure in photographing models and learning new studio lighting techniques.  I just wanted to give you a "shout out" that NES [now Studio 95 Photographix] located in southern CT, has been an integral part in my current portfolio!  Gregory Geiger is a fabulous coach and ace lighting master - he coaches not only the photographer, but also the models!  The studio itself has an array of ideas for set ups!  You should really check [it] out ...
~ Jennifer S./Photographer, CT

Greg Geiger is an awesome guy! When I had no models to shoot, he had models he knew show up for me to shoot. When I had a photographic problem he was there to help. When models came extremely late or didn't show, he gave me a hook up on studio time on my next shoot. He always said, "There are no problems, there are only solutions." Because of him, I was able to pull off some great photos. He's the man to work with!
~ Jonathan B./Photographer, CT

I have had the extreme good fortune to work at NES [now Studio 95 Photographix] and to develop an excellent working relationship with studio manager, Greg Geiger. His very professional attitude and willingness to please his clientele, makes every visit, an enjoyable experience! ... S95P is a dream come true, due to its convenient location, ... just 5 minutes off I-95, it’s a versatile space, has a good selection of available props and equipment, and with incredibly affordable rates!!! ... I will continue to be a repeat customer, long into the foreseeable future, and I highly recommend this studio, to any photographer, who is serious about his work.
~ Roy H./Photographer, CT

Thanks for the use of NES [now Studio 95 Photographix]. Your space is great and your hospitality is over the top. If you are looking to rent a studio, this is a DEFINITE...! Thanks again.
~ Michael V./Photographer, MA

Greg, thanks so much for helping me avoid a disaster at today's shoot. If you need a studio or help with anything photo related, Gregory is the best out there. You will find him helpful,really knowledgeable and nothing's a problem to him.
~ Ed P./Photographer, CT

Gregory Geiger, "G3" - A real artist and a brilliant technician, Gregory brings to the table a kick-ass studio, state-of-the-art equipment and a solid 30+ years of industry experience. If you're looking to produce some slick Vogue-style images, G3 is the man. In addition to taking the pictures, Gregory also assumes the role of modeling coach, critiquing - sometimes with brutal honesty - on posing, makeup, appearance and other aspects of modeling. (Heads-up to any models who aren't into "constructive criticism"). An ideal mentor for a semi-pro model who is gearing up to commit some serious time, guts, and energy to taking the next step in her career. Gregory definitely helped me nip a couple of bad posing habits in the bud and ace the technicalities of posing and facial expression.
~ A local CT model