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*Fees have an additional 6.35% CT Sales Tax. Payment is by cash, check or major credit card only.

Video for web-casting & blogs:

We do offer a simple service of 1-1080i quality video camera, professional-directional mike, with 3-point lighting and background for $75 per hour. You will take the chip from the camera with you (chip fee additional) and do your own editing. Our editing fee is $60 per hour, there is a 1 hour edit minimum.

Basic 2 Hour Video Package

Following is an estimate for a standard 2 hour video shoot including cost per hour and services. Since videography contains very specific requirements that vary widely with each client, you will recieve a Production Proposal specific to your shoot. Please email G3 to discuss your needs and to request a propsal.

Basic 2 Hour Video Package - $460
Pre-shoot setup/Post-shoot cleanup - 1.5 hrs ($110)
Videographer with high end quality broadcast video camera and sound equipment)* ($200)
Download of final product - 3 hrs ($150)


Individual Videography Charges

Shoot setup/cleanup - $60/hr

Studio rental - $45/hr

Photos during shoot/up to 40 images burned to DVD - $100

Main camera (high end)/videographer - $100/hr

Second camera (portable)/videographer - $50/hr

Basic Editing - $60/hr (1 camera straight edits)

Detailed Editing - $100/hr (2 cameras with effects)

Additional re-edits - $60/hr, pro-rated .6 hrs.

Video camera (high end)/on-site rental - $35/hr

Video camera (portable)/on-site rental - $20/hr

Shotgun microphones - $10/hr/mic