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What Clients Say:

Jeff K. on 12/10/14:

I found Studio 95 through one of the camera/photography classes that Greg offered through Meet Up.

I was blown away by Greg's generosity of his time as he spent over an hour above and beyond the session with me. He is very knowledgeable, patient and a great instructor.

I may rent a studio or hire Greg to photograph some upcoming advertising photography that I will need for my mattress company as he has a great eye and I got the sense that he really understood what look and feel I was going for.

Greg, the owner is a straight shooter and he can help you to determine if his company is a good match for your needs or not.

I'm not sure if reviewers can be contacted, but if so, feel free to reach out to me regarding my experience with Studio 95.

Patty L. on 11/02/14

Greg is not only an exceptional photographer but a patient teacher.  He doesn't want to simply take photos of his models, he wants us to have a strong understanding of what makes a great photo - the lighting, the poses and how one can bring a feeling to the surface to express the perfect emotion.  He is very flexible with his availability and always enjoys new shoot ideas!  

The studio itself is set up very nicely and creates a comfortable atmosphere for whatever kind of shoot you are doing.  The hair and MUA's are always a pleasure to work with as well!

From Anna R. on 10/28/14

Greg is a pleasure to work with. He is a seasoned photographer with exceptional knowledge about lighting, posing, etc. He offers great advice and tips to his models and fellow photographers. Greg is always a professional and gentleman with his main objective to produce the highest quality images. His studio is filled with various props and accessories which only help to enhance your photos. I had the honor of working with him and know quite a few models who have also worked with Greg, he is one of a kind!

From Liz M. on 10/06/14

Greg is a great photographer and taught me a lot during every shoot - and more than any other photographer I've worked with.

From Lois P. on 09/15/14

I have worked with Studio 95 Photographix for many years.  Greg takes his work seriously and is always sharpening his craft. He and Cara are personable and make you feel at ease. The studio setting offers an addition to his on-site photography so you can't go wrong!  His current niche of assisting models to bring out their best is exhibited in the outcome of the shoots.

From Hilary O. on 09/10/14

Greg (the owner and key photographer) is highly organized, professional, and communicative. His studio is kept clean, fresh-looking and orderly.  Also, thanks for being kind and supportive of your models and clients, Greg! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

From Elizabeth D. on 09/01/14

Greg was absolutely amazing. My mother was diagnosed with cancer, so we had to get family portraits ASAP. I knew that we would need a very intimate setting that most studios wouldn't be able to offer. As a family we were extremely comfortable, which made the candid photos that were captured so real and touching. Our family portraits were BEAUTIFUL, and honestly, I would recommend Greg to anyone and everyone. He was professional, yet extremely personable. Very obvious he has a lot of experience and LOVES what he does. Thank you Greg! You are absolutely amazing.

From Melanie G. on 08/30/14

Greg is a wonderful teacher and photographer. I was new to modeling when I called Greg about one of his group photo shoots. After speaking to him I met him in person and he was more than happy to sit down with me and talk about modeling. Studio 95 Photograhix is the place to learn in a professional fun atmosphere and Greg is a phenomenal photographer, you can't go wrong.

From Lynn P. on 08/24/14

Gregory Geiger is an experienced, talented and classy photographer.  His services range from hair and make up, head shots, pageant style shots, fitness, beach, commercial and anything creative that you can imagine. I was new to modeling a few years ago when I met him.  He taught me a lot about lighting and posing. If you want a top notch photographer. He is the one to choose.

From John K. on 08/15/14

Greg told me he posted a profile here and asked if I would consider writing a review....I jumped at doing so! I am so lucky to have been able to work with Greg and avail myself of his knowledge that I was more than happy to share my positive experience.

I met Greg about 7 months who when I reached out inquire about renting his studio. After talking to a number of people it was clear that as an intermediate person looking to learn and expand my skills that Studio 95 was going to be perfect for me - not that a pro wouldn't be as comfortable but I knew I had a lot to learn and Greg is a pro.

After seeing the well equipped setup it became clear to me that I had no idea what I was doing so asked Greg if he could help me figure of what I was doing and  light my first studio shoot. I learned so much from Greg it was awesome. I am bit of a tech geek but he was patient beyond duty with my questions and detailed and professional in his responses.

As others have said Greg is talented, flexible, funny and an all around nice person with a studio that I have been lucky enough to use a number of times over the last 6 months. Greg is always within ear shot if I run into any difficultly he is there with a solution.

In addition to my solo shoots in his facility I have also participated in his group shoots which have been both fun and educational - also a great way to meet and learn from others. Now that he is posting them regularly on meetup.com I am anxious to find others that will work with my schedule.

From Brianna H. on 08/01/14

Greg Geiger is a phenomenal photographer and teacher when it comes to professional photography.  I learned so much from my photo shoot with him and hope I can do it again! He is a funny, professional, nice and talented person and is very easy to get alone with.  I would consider his studio the best to go to if you want to have a great learning experience as well as a great photo shoot!

From Marissa B. on 07/24/14

Greg is amazing! He not only does primo work, but treats my models like princesses AND had pulled in stand-in models for when mine flaked! You get what you pay for, and his work is worth it.

Things I learned from G3, Kimberly Lisa, 01/31/13

Truthfully this is a hard list to start because there are just so many awesome things about this photographer. The second you walk through the studio doors you gain a whole new level of experience. Not only is the studio clean and inviting, it offers so much for you to work and interact with. From start to finish he helps you to make sure you have a polished look by giving you the time to make sure that not only your face, and body look good but that every inch of what you are wearing is in the right place. His eye for detail is incredible. He makes sure that you don’t have a single hair out of place to ensure you the best photographs possible.

He encouraged me to practice my posing in front of a full length mirror before I walked into the studio. This tip in itself made a giant difference in the range of shots we were able to capture. He helped me relax and give him a range of facial expressions without causing my face to look concerned or confused.. There wasn’t a wrinkle in my forehead! 

He was one of the first photographers to really take the time to help me understand lighting and how it can change the shape of my body. I learned how to bend and move so the light enhanced my shape in such a way that it accentuated my natural curves rather than having to edit them in like so many photographers have to do with their models.
He taught me how to spot my main lights and my back lights thus helping me create looks that I didn’t even know were possible. He even gave me study materials to look over and learn poses before I come back and shoot again.

He genuinely cares that each person that walks into the studio receives unique, quality photographs that make clients beyond happy.  Not only did I leave with amazing photographs, I came away a better and more educated model.

Any woman seriously considering stepping into this world should make it a point to shoot with him because he can bring you to a level of understanding and professionalism that many others don’t have the ability to do.
~ Kimberly Lisa

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Paula Mele: (12/01/12)
I heard so many times over the past several months from my models, "I need a comp card, Why am I not getting called back for my castings, I am shooting with another photographer, spending more and more money on countless photography sessions and capturing images that may market you in an unflattering direction! Each time you do this as a model, you put your image on the line, It really is true that a picture is worth a thousands words! If you present the wrong photos to casting directors, it only takes a second to create an impression that could make you or break you! Studio 95 Photographix will take the time to create images and comp cards that will create postive lasting impressions. Book with a professional that understands the industry and can help you out class the competition! Book with G. Gregory Geiger and his staff at Studio 95 Photographix!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Terry Benedetto: (10/16/12)
"I want to send many thanks to the beautiful women who agreed to participate in a photo-shoot to promote my Fabulous Fitwear Stage Makeup: Rene Marven, Janette Bettie Jackson and Linsay LaChance. You are all my friends andd best cheerleaders and I love you all. Special thanks to G. Gregory Geiger, photographer extraordinaire for his creativity, patience, attention to detail and a true passion for what he does. Greg, any fitness model should be very proud to work with you--you're bitchin'smile"